Shipping Rates

Many factors are involve to calculate shipping cost of a vehicle from Japan to overseas countries. Automobile shipping charges are vary for a number of reasons from the distance travelled and time it takes for ships to reach destination port to the amount of the marine traffic moving to or from that part of the world. Shipping rates to some countries or destinations from Japan are very cheap due to large volumes of return traffic from those particular countries.

The cost of shipping a car from Japan to a oversea country also may different due to the size of the vehicle being shipped. A normal saloon car will carry a lower rate than a huge size Toyota Land Cruiser or a cargo van like Toyota Hiace, as huge size vehicles take up more space on the vessel. While car shipping rates are not seasonal, fluctuating at different times of year, shipping lines do vary rates for a number of different reasons. Factors such as changing rates of exchange, changes in oil prices and fluctuations in the number of cars being shipped to and from particular places in the world can all have an impact on car shipping prices.

For an idea; a standard size saloon car shipped by Roll on Roll off from Yokohama port in Japan to major sea port of most countries in the world will be as below:

For example: The total calculation for a saloon car from Yokohama port Japan to Melbourne port in Australia by Roll on Roll off will be as below:

Ocean freight: US$ 1,350.- (Japanese Yen 135,000.-)
Japan Side Handling charges*: Japanese Yen 80,000.-
Total: Japanese Yen 215,000.- (US$ 2,150) C&F Melbourne port

Above example is calculated @ 1 USD = 100 Japanese Yen currency exchange rate, and is for an idea only. Actual shipping cost may slightly different from the above, as shipping companies changes ocean freights very frequently on monthly basis. However, the freight rate change is not big, but small amount.

The shipping charges of same car in above example by 20′ feet dry container will be as below:
Ocean freight: US$ 1,800.- (Japanese Yen 180,000.-)
Vanning charges : Japanese Yen: 50,000.-
THC (Terminal Hadling Charges): Japanese Yen 25,000.-
BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor): Japanese Yen 35,000.-
Japan Side Handling Charges *: Japanese Yen 80,000.-
Total: Japanese Yen 370,000.- (US$ 3,700) C&F Melbourne port

Beside above container charges, WRS (War Risk Surcharge) will also apply if the vessel will passed any war related or war risk region during the voyage.

* What is included in Handling charges?
Documentation + Customs clearance in Japan + Storage of car at yard till the arrival of vessel + Loading of car in ship + Dispatch of shipping documents by speed courier DHL to your country or by Takkyubin if you want documents in Japan.

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