Shipping Procedure

The complete step by step procedure is as below:

You will send an E-mail with details of your car i.e. model, year of manufacturing, name of sea port where you want to send the car. Also send your name, address, and telephone number in Japan.

You will bring the car at our sea port yard (address and access map will be sent by E-mail or by Fax). If you cannot bring by yourself, we can arrange inland transportation of car from your place to port for a separate fee.

If you will drive the car to our yard at port in Japan by yourself (detail location map will be sent by Email), bring 2 copies of “delivery receipt ” with you. One is for our record while other one will be stamp and return to you as the evidence of delivery. You can print the delivery receipt form by click here (PDF format) or html format . Due to limited space availability at the port, kindly inform 3 days in advance before bringing the car to our yard.

Do not left anything inside the car except one key. Inner cargo (anything inside the car cloths, household items etc.) are strictly not allow due to security reason and safety of vessel. Dangerous explosive material / substance (powder / chemical / battery / liquid / perfume) are also strictly prohibited inside the vehicle.

You will send payment “80,000 Yen (Japan side charges) + Ocean freight (till the sea port in your country) in our Bank Account. This fee include documentation + customs clearance in Japan + storage of car at yard till the arrival of vessel + loading of car in ship + Sending shipping documents by speed courier Fedex to your country.

If your car is already de-registered, you will send us de-registration certificate of your car by post (Takkyubin) with name, address, and telephone number in your country, which you want in all shipping documents. But if the car is still with number plate, remove the number plates from the car and take it to your nearest car registration office with original registration paper (Shakensho) and your seal impression (inkanshomesho) and tell them, you want to change it to “Export Certificate” (Yushutsu Masho). If you cannot do it by yourself, we can de-register your car papers at 5,000 Yen.

Your car will be sent with first available ship, and Bill of lading (B/L) with all other shipping documents (if any) will be sent by Fedex at your provided address in your country or will be sent to your address in Japan whatever you wish.

Send inquiry for shipping cost