Q: When will my vehicle be picked up?
A: Depend on your location, it will take three to seven business days after your payment has been received.

Q: Can you deliver car to my home in oversea country?
A: No, we cannot. Our service is till your sea port.

Q: When do I pay for my service?
A: We must receive your payment before start the process, i.e. before pickup the car from your place.

Q: How do I handle the De-Registration of my car?
A: Go to your nearest vehicle registration office located across the Japan. Take your car’s number plates, your original seal (stamp), and original seal impression certificate (inkan-shoumeisho) with you.

Q: Can you do de-registration of my car?
A: Yes we can do, and the fee is 5,000 Japanese Yen.

Q: What type of documents do I provide you if I request your service to de-register my car?
A: (1) Your original seal impression certificate (2) Both number plates (3) “Jotosho” duly stamped by your original seal (4) “Ininjo” duly stamped by your original seal.

Q: What do you mean by “original seal”?
A: The seal (stamp) that you have registered at city office or ward office in Japan.

Q: Can I put personal belongings in my vehicle for transport?
A: No, personal belongings inside the car are not allowed for the safety of ship.

Q: What is allow inside the vehicle?
A: One key, one spare tire, and tool box are allowed.

Q: Can I deliver the car by myself to your yard at sea port in Japan?
A: Yes, you can deliver by yourself, but please inform at-least three days in advance before bringing the vehicle.

Q: How do I know the location of your yard at sea port in Japan?
A: We’ll send you detail location map by fax or by Email.

Q: Do you have service to pick-up the car from my place to deliver at sea port in Japan?
A: Yes, we have inland transportation service to pick-up the car from your place.

Q: If I request for your inland transport service, does someone have to be present at the time of car pick-up from my place?
A: Yes, there must be someone present at the time of car pick-up from your place.

Q: How much is the inland transportation charge?
A: Inland transportation charges vary depend on size of vehicle and how far is your location from the sea port.

Q: How far ahead should I inform you to pickup the car from my place?
A: One week ahead.

Q: How do I get a shipping quote for my vehicle?
A: You can either fill out our form for quotation. For quick response, please send maximum detail about your car and destination port.

Q: How long does will it take to ship my car?
A: Shipping time is different for each country, depend on how far is your destination port from Japan, and frequency of ships to that port.

Q: Is there any idea for transit time of ship from Japan to my country’s port?
A: East Asia= 2 Weeks, North Asia= 1 Week, South-Central Asia= 4 Weeks, South-East Asia= 2-3 Weeks, Western Asia= 2 Weeks, Oceania= 2-3 Weeks, Middle East= 4 Weeks, Africa= 4 Weeks, Caribbean= 4-6 Weeks, Central America= 5-6 Weeks, South America= 4-6 Weeks, North America= 4 Weeks, Europe= 4 Weeks.

Q: Do I need to go to the destination port by myself to get delivery of vehicle?
A: Yes you can, but a clearing agent is recommend as they are professional in dealing all process.

Q: How can I find a clearing and forwarding agent in my country?
A: You can find in local telephone directory or in internet search engine.

Q: What payment method do you accept?
A: We accept payment by wire transfer only.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: No, we do not accept payment by credit card.

Q: What if my vehicle does not run?
A: It is important to let us know when contacting us for a quote. The vehicle can still be inland transported, but can ship by container only and it will require an additional fee for vehicles which do not run.